The orgasm fantasy
A new social movement

The orgasm fantasy – A new social movement is committed to disseminate orgasm fantasy theory.

  1. To encourage the identification and acceptance of our orgasm fantasy.
  2. To accept other people’s orgasm fantasy just as we would like them to accept ours, and without being afraid to share and enjoy fantasies together with our partner in order to enhance sexual enjoyment.
  3. To recognize that we tend in our daily lives to recreate the relationships between the characters in our orgasm fantasy.
  4. To be aware of our three levels of thinking: dreams, the orgasm fantasy, and conscious thinking, and their impact on our feelings and daily behavior.

Senders are responsible for erasing any identifying details from their material. By sending the material to us you also confirm your agreement to allow us to use it as we see fit, including uploading it to “The Orgasm Fantasy – A New Social Movement” site.

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