The Orgasm Fantasy Book

The Orgasm Fantasy is the most stimulating part of our sexual imagination.

The book postulates two new natural laws of human behavior that arise from the “imprinting” of the orgasm fantasy:

  1. The content of the orgasm fantasy may change but not the nature of the relationship between the characters, one that is imprinted in us at a critical time in our childhood through interaction with our parents.
  2. The relationship between the characters revealed in the personal orgasm fantasy shapes an important part of our emotional relations with those around us throughout our lives – our soul imprint on the other person.

Overcoming the shame barrier associated with our orgasm fantasy, and our ability to play with it freely in the bedroom can considerably improve our sex lives. The importance of this fantasy, however, far exceeds the sexual context. It is actually a fantasy of love – as we will see throughout the book – that promotes awareness and self-acceptance as well as a deeper understanding and acceptance of the other.

Orgasm Fantasy Theory is an applied theory of personality which claims that personality comprises three levels of thinking: dreams, the orgasm fantasy and conscious thought. These different levels and the interplay between them are presented here through case studies of patients that illustrate their personalities and behavior patterns and that give the reader powerful tools for improving his or her sex life and relationships with others.

About The Author

Dr. Ofer Grosbard is a clinical psychologist. His novels and non-fiction books have been translated into several languages and have been awarded prizes.