The Orgasm Fantasy Book

Solves the riddle of who you are by introducing you to Orgasm Fantasy Theory and its three levels of thinking – dreams, orgasm fantasy, and conscious thoughts.

Discover and liberate your orgasm fantasy by transforming what is for many people their most shameful fantasy into the most joyful experience of our lives, as only orgasm-fantasy-oriented sex can be.

This is true for all of us but especially:

  • Elderly people who have not fantasized, masturbated or enjoyed sex with a partner for a long time.

  • People with physical, mental or emotional disabilities who feel ashamed to express their sexuality with a partner or even alone.

  • People who use various medications in order to enhance their sex life. One should first rely on one's personal resources – the orgasm fantasy – before resorting to drugs.

  • Lonely people who are not aware of their rich internal fantasy world.

  • Depressed people, because depression is the most prevalent emotional difficulty of the 21st century and is the greatest enemy of sexuality.

  • Couples who are ashamed to share their orgasm fantasy, thereby preventing themselves not only from experiencing sexual pleasure but also their deep closeness and love.

Learn The three laws of human natural behavior

  • The content of your orgasm fantasy may change but the nature of the relations between the characters in your orgasm fantasy never changes.

  • We tend to reconstruct and revive the nature of the relations between the characters in our orgasm fantasy in our everyday spontaneous behaviors.

  • Our personality consists of three levels of thinking – dreams, the orgasm fantasy and conscious thoughts. The interplay among them described by orgasm fantasy theory is what makes us who we are.

The orgasm fantasy – A new social movement

The orgasm fantasy – A new social movement is committed to disseminate orgasm fantasy theory.

  1. To encourage the identification and acceptance of our orgasm fantasy.
  2. To accept other people’s orgasm fantasy just as we would like them to accept ours, and without being afraid to share and enjoy fantasies together with our partner in order to enhance sexual enjoyment.
  3. To recognize that we tend in our daily lives to recreate the relationships between the characters in our orgasm fantasy.
  4. To be aware of our three levels of thinking: dreams, the orgasm fantasy, and conscious thinking, and their impact on our feelings and daily behavior.

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About The Author

Dr. Ofer Grosbard is a clinical psychologist. His novels and non-fiction books have been translated into several languages and have been awarded prizes.

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